Bundle Course STCW – MSO – FAR – MFCC

Bundle Course STCW – MSO – FAR – MFCC

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Course Description

The MARITME SECURITY OPERATIVE BUNDLE course is aimed at operators of all levels, including first time attendees who are looking at becoming Maritime Security Operatives.

The course provides students with the current qualifications necessary to work in the industry and is in line with international standards and the STCW Convention on Seafarer Training Requirements.

All modules of the course are accredited by awarding bodies and the training is delivered by qualified instructors with many years first-hand experience within the industry. 

Safety Training Certificate – STCW

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Elementary Principles of First Aid
  • Personal Security and Responsibility Shared
  • Basic Fire Fighting and Protection
  • PDSD

City & Guilds Level 3 Maritime Security Operative (MSO)

  • Understand the Maritime Security Industry
  • Understand Maritime Pre-deployment planning and procedures
  • Understand Maritime Security Operating Procedures
  • Understand Maritime Incident Management & Post Operational Procedures

Highfield Level 3 First Aid Response

  • First Aid At Work
  • Medical Intelligence and Environmental Awareness
  • Understanding the Correct use of an AED 

Maritime Firearms Competency Certification (MFCC)

Phase 1 – Theory

  • International Code of Conduct
  • Rules for the Use of Force (100 Series)
  • Principles of Force
  • Flashpoint
  • Weapon System Safety Onboard Vessels
  • Weapon Sighting Systems
  • Marksmanship Principles

Phase 2 – Weapon Familiarisation

  • AK47 Platform System
  • M4/AR Platform System
  • L1A1 Self Loading Rifle Platform System
  • Steyr Scout Rifle Platform System
  • Benelli Argo Rifle Platform System
  • Browning Bar Platform System

Phase 3 – Application of Fire

  • Full Bore Application of Fire 7.62x39mm Shoot
  • Full Bore Application of Fire 7.62x51mm Shoot
  • Full Bore Application of Fire 5.56mm Shoot
  • Achieve the required Grouping and Zero Standards
  • Achieve Live Fire Safe Weapon Handling

Course Duration – 14 days
Course Cost: 7 000 PLN / £1400